average UK online ad spend

In the UK, the average household now owns 7.4 devices that are internet-enabled and it’s safe to say that the marketing industry didn’t fail to notice. Advertisers increased their budgets significantly in 2014 in order to reach people that were using multiple devices online. Smartphones came out top as the most common device used with an average of 1.7 devices per household; they were closely followed by laptops (1.3) and tablets (1.2).
Last year’s digital ad spend increased by 14% to £7.19 billion, which is an increase of £9.3 million from 2013 (£6.26 billion). This increased spend is good news for consumers, as it pays for free online services that are being used more and more in daily life.
Now we know the word mobile has been used an awful lot lately, but it is with good reason. As mobile-friendliness is now a Google ranking signal and the number of smart phone users are only continuing to rise year on year (smartphones now account for 78% of handsets), it’s unsurprising that mobile now accounts for a massive 23% of digital ad spend, which is a huge 16% increase since 2013.
Another area that’s seen a rapid increase is video advertising with £442 million being spent on it in 2014, whereas five years ago it was only spending around £53 million.
The Advertising Association’s expenditure report predicts a further 13% rise in internet ad spend in 2015, and then a 10.6% increase in 2016.
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Written by Shannon May