Basecamp For Managing Web Projects

With every web design and build project we utilise a fantastic project management system called Basecamp. Launched in 2004, it is a one-stop-shop for project collaboration and planning, which we highly recommend! Here are just a few of its fantastic features:
Share feedback and files
Communication is extremely important when dealing with any project that has multiple parties working together, and it’s imperative that nothing is missed! That’s why Basecamp’s feedback sharing capabilities are so great. As soon as a new message is added via the message centre, you’ll be alerted via email or the mobile device of your choice. Furthermore, if you are on the go, there’s no need to log in; just hit reply and type your message, and Basecamp will do the rest. As the various users’ comments are collected, they are compiled into an online thread, which can be referenced and searched at any time of day or night. It’s also a handy record of communication, allowing you to keep track of what has been agreed and when.
Managed “to-do” lists
Tracking progress is always a crucial part of any web project. In a busy working week, it’s sometimes difficult to stay on top of the progress of your new website; this is where Basecamp comes into its own. Say, for instance, you have a list of amendments to be made, by simply adding these into the to-do-lists you can assign tasks and set due dates, which can be ticked off as each one is completed and you will be updated in real time. Should you have any queries about the item you can also add comments and feedback, which can then be shared with the whole team.
For each projec, we have key dates and milestones, including design sign-off, development views and, most importantly, the launch date. Each date is planned into a core-shared calendar to be viewed and added to as much as you need. This allows us to keep your project on time and on schedule!
So there we have it – Basecamp is adaptable for any situation and project of any sort that requires collaboration on ongoing processes, whether you’re having a new website built or managing a blog or online business. Find out how we can help you with any of these and get trialing today!

Written by Oli Yeates


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