Bella’s Work Experience at Clicky

Friday, March 22, 2024


Written by

Agency Coordinator

Two weeks flew by in a blur of excitement and learning as I delved into the world of digital marketing with the Clicky team. Venturing into the realms of Paid Search, Content Research, and SEO, I uncovered more than just keywords and click-through rates in digital marketing  - turns out, the true MVP is a killer spreadsheet⚡️.

Week 1: 

The first week kicked off with an insightful introduction to Paid Search led by specialist Danielle. Together we explored the various campaign types, from performance max to demand gen, and developed an understanding of the essential key metrics and ad features every marketer should know. Delving into keyword and search query analysis for a Clicky client, using Google Ads tools, was both challenging and rewarding, as it allowed me to expand my skills in data analysis and research. The exposure to Meta, Pinterest, and LinkedIn Ads platforms broadened my grasp on Paid Social strategies, and achieving a Meta certification for ad placements and formats was a proud moment.

Conducting competitor reviews across client ad campaigns provided valuable insights into industry trends and strategies. Building on this knowledge I developed a test demand gen campaign and crafted ad copy to push my mind to come up with some exciting, yet efficient ad headlines (let's just say, my brain cells got quite the workout! 💪). To end the week I drew upon my design skills from the Uplift team, and worked alongside Fay to develop a range of creatives for upcoming Clicky events. 

Week 2: 

The second week brought new challenges and opportunities as I delved into content and SEO research with Kumari. Conducting research for Clicky clients and identifying content opportunities, which all required a blend of analytical thinking and creativity. Sitting in on various meetings, from internal team check-ins to client onboarding ideation sessions, provided valuable exposure to the collaborative dynamics within Clicky.

Crafting product listing page copy and honing my proficiency with Google Sheets during keyword analysis, using tools like SEMrush, added depth to my skill set. However, one of the highlights of the week was the deep dive into the B Corp nature of the Clicky group with Jen. Learning about the efforts in place at Clicky to better both the community and the environment was truly inspiring and reinforced my belief in the power of businesses to drive positive change. Oh, and let's not forget the intense chocolate rating session where Tony's Chocolonely's (B Corp of course) triumphed over Hershey's - a sweet victory indeed! 🍫

As the two weeks came to a close, I found myself overwhelmed with gratitude for the warm welcome and support I received from every member of both the Clicky and Uplift teams.

My experience with the Clicky team has been nothing short of incredible. I have gained invaluable knowledge, expanded my skill set, and forged meaningful connections with passionate professionals. I am deeply thankful to Jen for facilitating this experience and to every team member who has contributed to my growth. 

Thank you, team Clicky – I'll miss you all !