Bing Network Share Reaching New Heights

Bing is often overlooked in advertising terms, for one obvious reason; Google’s network share is much much larger.
The little guy however is making traction, as Bing now has 20.5% of the UK’s search share. It’s said that this search share is not from users making a conscious effort to use Bing, but more because it’s embedded into the likes of Windows 10, Kindle Tablets, Yahoo searches etc.

Bing is now profitable, and increased revenue by 18% YOY (correct as of May this year), now processing more than 15 billion searches per month.

It doesn’t really matter that users are not consciously using the search engine, all that does matter is the fact they are using it. From a paid ads perspective, this is highly encouraging, and a clear reason to be advertising on Bing as well as Google, otherwise you could be missing out on a lot of traffic.
In general, Bing also tends to be cheaper than Adwords as there are less advertisers on the platform, and therefore less competition. This is another reason why you should be promoting your products on their ad platform!
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Written by Mark Bissoni

PPC Specialist