Are you missing out on 25% of the search market?

Bing have seen massive growth in recent years, now gaining a 25%* market share in the UK alone, compared with 20.5% in 2016.
With a huge reach spanning from Yahoo to AOL, Windows to Cortana and the Bing network inside apps, sites and devices, people use this search engine every day.
We’ve compiled all the key statistics about the Bing platform and broken them down to give you more information on how Bing Ads could help your paid search advertising.

Key Stats

  • 1 in 4 PC searches in the UK are powered by the Bing Network
  • 30M Unique Searchers
  • 25% Market Share
  • 900m Monthly Searches
  • 74% trust search engines nearly as much as they trust the website or brand they’re researching
  • 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020


Bing is quickly growing in the market. There is less competition for Bing ads, resulting in potentially lower costs-per-click, meaning that smaller or medium sized businesses could really see the impact. Adwords campaigns can also be easily imported into the Bing platform, making it simple to use the two side by side.
With the popularity of Virtual Personal Assistants (VPAs) on the rise, Bing is on board with access to their own VPA Cortana. Cortana brings search to the user with a voice or chat-activated assistant, giving marketers new ways to reach their consumers.

“Bing Ads has enabled us to extend our services and provide our customers with an immense amount of extra value. Bing Ads has proven fundamental to maintaining our competitive edge, realising our vision, and securing our future.” – Julie Simpson | Founder and Managing Director | ResourceiT

Bing Shopping

Shopping ads can be very profitable for an e-commerce business, serving results for individual products on your website can bring in customers who are more ready to purchase a particular product.

  • On average, 45% greater CTR on shopping than text ads
  • 29% lower cost-per-click
  • 49% higher conversion rate

Market Share

With a UK reach of 30 million unique searchers and 900 million monthly searches, Bing is quickly gaining market share with 25% in the UK alone. These positive figures are also reflected in the worldwide stats.

Worldwide Stats

  • 11 Billion Monthly Searches
  • 524 Million Unique Searchers

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Written by Hollie Hines

Content & Social Media Specialist

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