Browser Usage Statistics: July 2013

The Most Used, and Flexible – Google Chrome
Excluding mobile devices, Google Chrome is the most used browser by a long shot. It dominates the browser market with 43% of all users. Chrome is also extremely useful for web developers with its inspect element tool. Chrome also updates regularly, and is pretty lightweight and powerful.
The classic – Internet Explorer
Still used, but a lot less than before, only 25% of users currently browse using Internet Explorer. Surprisingly, more users still use Internet Explorer 6 than 7! A lot of web design agencies now don’t support Internet Explorer 6, as its features and functionality don’t support the latest technologies.
The Developer’s Favourite – Mozilla Firefox
Until Chrome’s inspect element tool, Firefox was the only browser for developers. Its Firebug add-on allows us to see the workings behind every website. 20% of users now use Firefox – a statistic that hasn’t changed much over the past year.
The Mac Browser – Safari
Used on both Windows and Mac, but developed by Apple, Safari is used by 8% of users. Safari has a few smart looking features, such as the top visited sites panel upon start up, however isn’t quite as powerful as Chrome.
The Enterprise Favourite – Opera
Used by some very large companies, Opera is used by just 1% of all users. Opera renders websites slightly differently and requires some extra code when building websites to make sure the latest technologies work.
At Clicky Media, we cross-browser check every website multiple times before launch, making sure that our websites look great in all versions of every browser.
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Written by Rich Tarr

Senior Front End Developer

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