Changes to Mobile Ads and how this affects you

Today sees a change in the way Google are displaying your ads on mobile devices. Where previously, all components of your ad would appear (but sometimes in a different order or layout depending upon the device or historical performance), Google have now announced that some ads will see the second line of ad text (description line 2) replaced with your ad extensions.
Google state that this appearance would be judged based upon current performance stats, so if you have a much stronger click through rate when your ad extensions show, then expect these to replace part of your ad text in future auctions.
For advertisers, this means that it is more important than ever to have relevant promotional messaging in the first line of ad text that will really entice a user to your website. You also need to ensure that you are taking full advantage of the ad extensions available to you and that these have been optimised to best drive traffic to your website. Finally (and if you aren’t doing so already, you should be!) make sure that you are using mobile preferred ad creative to help improve the appearance of your ad.
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Written by Alex Wright

Head of Search