Cheshire Telecom choose clicky

Cheshire Telecom are a business telecommunication management company based in cheshire who supply and manage mobile and static lines, and call management.
They initially approached us about a full digital branding project, looking for the perfect logo that reflected their company. Following their delight at the logo design and process, they have since decided to use us for the design and development of their website.
We’ve found them an absolute pleasure to work with and here’s what Cheshire Telecom had to say about Clicky:
‘Clicky Media have been great with our branding. So much so that we’ve decided to go with them for the design of our website too. Their strengths are immediately apparent from the first meeting with them and come from a great team of people with a diverse range of skills that listen to your requirements and deliver exactly what you need. They’ve got a great eye for what is currently trending in digital media and deliver a cutting edge product. It almost makes us wish we had another start up company on the go so we could go through the whole process again’!

Written by Shannon May