Christmas marketing campaigns

Our digital marketing assistant, Shannon, takes a look at our favourites this year (Click on the headers to view the videos):
John Lewis
John Lewis brought the nation to tears once again with their adorable penguin Monty, who wanted to find love at Christmas. It’s not only the fantastic advert that was a hit, but the merchandise that included a £95 giant Monty sold out completely. Both Monty and his lady friend Mabel have Twitter accounts, and John Lewis have in-store displays featuring the penguins.

Marks & Spencer

This year M&S scrapped the celebrities and put their money into social media. They created a Twitter page @thetwofairies in order to reward people who had done something kind, using the hashtag #followthefairies. It wasn’t apparent that M&S were behind these RAK (random acts of kindness) until the advert was shown on TV and across their social media platforms. Digital & online marketing is developing year on year, interacting via Twitter was a smart move for M&S.
One of the most heart-warming ads this year was Sainsbury’s Christmas is for sharing. Sainsbury’s have partnered up with the Royal British Legion to tell the story of the WWI Christmas truce in 1914. The only product featured in the advert is a Chocolate bar that is for sale in Sainsbury’s with 50p of each bar being donated to the British Legion. This advert takes a completely different approach to all of the others, and promotes a worthy cause.
You can find a great parody of the ad here.
Boots – Because she’s special
Boots have created an advert for all those people that work on Christmas day and don’t get to spend time with their family. The ad features a nurse returning home Boxing Day morning after her Christmas day shift to find her family have all come round to surprise her. Boots not only have a TV presence, they can be found on their social media sites using the hashtag #specialbecause encouraging people to share why their mum/sister/aunt etc is special.
Although the themes are completely different, all of these adverts touch upon the joy of giving rather than receiving. Over the last few years, Christmas campaigns have changed in their approach. They promote messages of family, giving and love, rather than feature products the retailers are selling.
We look forward to seeing what they come up with next year!
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Written by Alex Wright

Head of Search