Christmas on Pinterest: Part Two, DIY Presents

The decorations are up and as Christmas grows ever nearer, so our thoughts turn to gifts. Whilst there is a very wide selection of ready made gifts available at this time of year, some of the best presents are the ones you make yourself.
Pinterest is certainly one of the best places to look if you need a little inspiration in this department! Here are three of my favourites from the site, why not take a browse yourself and see what treasures you can find?
The New Year Jar
This is great one for someone near and dear. Take an ordinary jar, jazz it up and label it ‘Happy Moments 2014’ with a selection of paper inside. The premise is simple, the recipient writes down each happy moment as the year goes on. Then on New Years Eve next year, you open up the jar and relive all the happy moments of the year before.
Superhero Baubles
This fantastic idea can easily be amended depending on the recipients interests. So whether they have a particular TV show, game, series or character, you can create the perfect personalised bauble. Pour paint into a clear bauble, ensuring the whole of the inside is covered and leave to dry. Print off the logo of your recipients favourite interest and stick it on!

Wine Glass Snow Globe

Another simple yet elegant idea. Cut out a piece of cardboard the size of the glass top. Stick some festive figures to this and pour some fake snow into the glass. Stick the piece of cardboard and the figurines to the glass and turn over for a lovely snow globe that can also double up as a lovely candle holder!
pinterest diy gifts
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Written by Amy Norris

Brand & Agency Marketing Manager