Chrome now used by 45% of UK users

It has been a meteoric rise for Google’s browser which when it debuted in 2008 was up against Microsoft’s terrible Internet Explorer which dominated our devices with 68% of the market.
Massive online and offline marketing campaigns, its native integration with Google’s search engines, the rise of Google’s Android mobile OS, the speed of page rendering and its popularity with web developers (due to its web standards compliance) are just some of the reasons it has taken flight but few could have expected it to approach 50% of all usage.
Another casualty of Google’s browser dominance has been Firefox which has gone from nearly 30% of the market in 2008 to just 10% today. Firefox led the way in terms of web standards and helped to pave the way for Google to take over.
It will be interesting to see if Microsoft can stage a comeback with the new browser Edge which officially replaced the tired Internet Explorer last March. Currently Edge has 3.8% of users with Internet Explorer still hanging on to 15% of users.
Data sources : Stat Counter

Written by Oli Yeates


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