Clicky build relationship with TradeHelp

We’re extremely pleased to announce that TradeHelp have chosen Clicky to design and develop their new website.
The new site will form part of a wider digital marketing strategy to keep the innovative brand at the forefront of their industry, retaining their position as market leaders.

TradeHelp was established in 2014 to champion home improvement installers in the UK. Their objectives are simple – to help organisations operate efficiently and provide better value to customers.

Utilising the experience and relationships developed over 25 years in the industry, TradeHelp offers buying discounts, installations on finance and free quotation software, plus a range of other benefits. Their new mobile application, which will launch in September, will be free to download and use, and offers pioneering solutions to streamline installation businesses.
Their software provides an effective and professional concept to booking appointments, building quotes and communicating with customers, whilst also raising tailored purchase orders and sending them direct to a merchant of choice with specified pricing terms.
A buying group and bespoke purchasing solutions maximise savings across all the leading brands and they use the total TradeHelp Group purchase volume to negotiate with both merchants and manufacturers on behalf of installers.
With their extensive knowledge, expertise and relationships TradeHelp boasts considerable leverage within the industry to guarantee unrivalled value and benefits for its members.
We are looking forward to showing you the new website and the results soon.

Written by Sam Gadsby


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