Clicky & Raleigh awarded with 6 CSS Design awards

Clicky have been awarded 6 CSS Design Awards for their work on Motus and Haibike, both in collaboration with our Nottingham based client Raleigh.

Founded in 2009 and launched in 2010, CSS Design Awards is an international web design and development award platform that honors and showcases freelance designers, studios and agencies for work that pushes the boundaries of UI, UX and innovative development.

Motus Microsite:

The Motus microsite was set out to promote Raleigh’s leading electric bike range. After audiences and objectives were defined for the project, it was agreed that a new microsite was required to showcase the model in its entirety.

The goal was to create an engaging website to act as a promotional landing page, with interactive features and immersive functionality to more effectively communicate the fantastic core selling points of the new Motus.

The website uses product-specific photography and videography, with built-in functionality to enable the exploration of the product’s aesthetic and technical features.

Innovative design and consideration to UI and UX were key to the success of the project, with Motus picking up a Special Kudos, Best UI Design, Best Innovation and Best UX Design awards!

Explore the Motus electric bike for yourself.

Haibike Website:

Due to the recent success of the Motus project with Raleigh, the team were keen to create a UK website to support stockists in promoting the brand and their new range of bikes.

Our aim was to deliver an exciting, interesting and interactive UK web presence for Haibike, which actively evokes the innovation and technology focus of the brand, positively and accurately positioning the new ranges in the market. Similarly to Motus, the website features engaging animation as well as useful tools and resources to encourage users to discover more about the exciting new ranges available.

Various animation techniques were used on the website, including a custom-built structure that allowed us to create engaging animation to showcase the brand values of the company. The website features a bespoke mobile navigation using the latest animation techniques to create expressive and easy-to-use UI.

Furthermore, a custom ranges showcase section on the homepage uses meaningful UX to explore information for each range, whilst considering and creating fallbacks for touch devices.

We’re delighted that Haibike was awarded Special Kudos, Best UI Design, Best Innovation and Best UX Design awards.

We’re also extremely proud to announce that Haibike UK has received an Honorable Mention due to achieving a high score in user votes. If awarded a high enough score, the site will appear as “Site of the Day’ and be included in  “The Best 365 Websites Around The World” in 2018.

Written by Louis Morgan

Front-End Developer