Clicky HQ goes fibrespeed

With our every-increasing bandwidth demands and new recruits we have decided to invest in a new dedicated, leased 100MB/100MB fibre line at our city centre offices in Chester.
A leased fibre line is a dedicated link between our offices and the BT exchange and can be upgraded to up to 1000MB/1000MB should we ever need it. Unlike a domestic or standard BT fibre product, our connection is not shared with any other businesses meaning we get reliable, consistent speeds at any time during the day.
Our reliance on good connectivity and specifically good upload speeds are paramount to us being reactive to our clients demands and we are delighted with the impact. (Uploading a 1GB website to a remote server now takes less than 4 minutes to complete.)
Take a look at our ridiculous speed test above!

Written by Oli Yeates


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