Clicky Island Discs/ Alex

Inspired by the legendary Desert Island Discs of BBC radio, we’ve asked the Clicky team; before they’re castaway on a remote desert island in the middle of nowhere with only themselves as company, what 5 songs, book and luxury item would they take with them?
1. Dead Man Walking by Jon Bellion
It was difficult to choose which song, but Jon Bellion always puts me in a good mood.

2. Scars by James Bay
This is probably my favourite James Bay song, I would love to see him live.

3. These Streets by Paolo Nutini
This is the perfect song to relax to.

4. Toes by Zac Brown Band
This song brings back so many good memories, the lyrics are quite fitting too.

5. The Blowers Daughter by Damien Rice
It may be slightly depressing, but I love this song!

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
I don’t read books very often, but my sister bought me this book a while ago and I found it really inspiring.
Luxury Item
I’d choose a quad bike, so I could explore the island!
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Written by Shannon May