Clicky Island Discs / Dawn

Inspired by the legendary Desert Island Discs, which has been aired on BBC Radio since 1942, Clicky Island Discs follows a similar format. We’ve asked the Clicky team; before they’re castaway on a remote desert island in the middle of nowhere with only themselves as company, what 5 songs, book and luxury item would they take with them?
1. In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins
I have no real emotional ties to this song, but I’m pretty confident doing that drum solo every now and then would lift my spirits about being stranded somewhere.

2. Purple Rain by Prince
Pretty much wherever I go, this song comes with me. It reminds me of being in Australia and dancing in my best friend’s kitchen after not seeing her for a couple of years. 

3. From Eden by Hozier
I’m conscious of needing to keep it upbeat given the circumstance, but this song makes my belly flutter and that’s always nice.

4. Is This Love by Bob Marley & The Wailers
This is my go to ‘pick me up song’, so it would definitely be needed. Plus, it would fit in so well with the surroundings.

5. Return to Innocence by Enigma
This is my background music for when I need to feel inspired. Perhaps it would help me figure out how on earth I was going to get off the island?

Freakonomics by Stephen Dubner & Steven Levitt
It’s a brilliant exploration of unconventional wisdom, human motivation and sets out to uncover scenarios where two entirely random things that are in no way connected, end up being so. Pondering this whilst suffering from heat stroke and dehydration would be highly entertaining.
Luxury Item
A bottle of Jameson whiskey and some Green & Black’s dark chocolate.
Yes that’s two items but cut me some slack, I’m stranded here.

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Written by Shannon May