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Inspired by the legendary Desert Island Discs of BBC radio, we’ve asked the Clicky team; before they’re castaway on a remote desert island in the middle of nowhere with only themselves as company, what 5 songs, book and luxury item would they take with them?
This time, it’s the turn of Junior Front End Developer Louis to share his picks!


The Specials – Ghost Town
I think this song is appropriate for a desert island with just me on it! But my dad plays this song all the time and I suppose I’ve grown to love it! (It’s also on Shaun Of The Dead – which is awesome)

Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out
Again a song remembered from when I was younger and still listen to it..maybe 3 times a week, so I couldn’t leave it behind!

The Beatles – Hey Jude
Quite a big Beatles fan and if I could I would take the whole album!

Foo Fighters – Learn To Fly
Love the Foo Fighters, I think I’d enjoy this one the most!

Sub Focus – Tidal Wave
I would have chosen pendulum – witchcraft for my last choice, but this song reminds me of being with friends in the exchange pub where the only have decent song on the jukebox was Tidal Wave, so we played it over and over for about 3 years…so I’m choosing this for the sentiment.



The Dangerous Book for Boys – Conn Iggulden
I had this book when I was I was a kid and it helped pass a lot of time outdoors when I used to live in a very rural area so, no brainer really.

luxury item

My luxury item would be a volleyball….named Wilson.

Written by Hollie Hines

Content & Social Media Specialist

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