Clicky Island Discs / Mark T

As you’ve probably guessed already, Clicky Island Discs has been inspired by the legendary Desert Island Discs, which has been aired on BBC Radio since 1942.
We’ve asked the Clicky team; before they’re castaway on a remote desert island in the middle of nowhere with only themselves as company, what 5 songs, book and luxury item would they take with them?
1. She Looks so Perfect by Five Seconds of Summer
This song was one of the theme songs from an international scout camp that I worked staff on last summer for the entertainments team. It will always remind me of being completely shattered after 10 days of performing on stage in front of 5000 participants.

2. Last Night by The Vamps
The same as above, this was the other song that was the theme for the camp. The Vamps plus 5 Seconds of Summer can lift even the most horrible of moods.

3. Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran
I am a fan of Ed, however this song was linked to another performance which I was involved with in early 2015. We re-enacted the video from this song, which was a very tough routine but also very enjoyable.

4. Wonderwall by Oasis
This song will always remind me of my uni days and nights out with my friends… mainly because it was my karaoke song!

5. Sugar We’re Going Down by Fall Out Boy
This song was first played to me in 2005, in America by my friend from Uni. We were out doing Camp America there and this song quickly became the song of the summer.

War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy
As I’m a scout leader and a problem solver, I’ve always been taught to be prepared. I would take war and peace with me, not to read, but more for the sheer amount of paper involved in the book – I wouldn’t struggle lighting fires that’s for sure!
Luxury Item
You can’t survive on a desert island without one!
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Written by Shannon May