Clicky Island Discs / Nathan

Inspired by the legendary Desert Island Discs, which has been aired on BBC Radio since 1942, Clicky Island Discs follows a similar format. We’ve asked the Clicky team; before they’re castaway on a remote desert island in the middle of nowhere with only themselves as company, what 5 songs, book and luxury item would they take with them?
1. What Took You So Long by The Courteeners
Most likely my favourite band of all time, possibly not my favourite of their songs but being the track they close all of their gigs with (7 and counting) it’s definitely the one that brings back the best memories.

2. The Road by Frank Turner
One of my favourite artists who I’ve been following since I was around 15, it would be hard to pick one of his best tracks as there are so many, but this is one that never gets skipped when it pops up.

3. Different People by Biffy Clyro
Any time I listen to it I’m instantly taken back to a freezing cold, soaking wet field in the middle of Bramham Park at Leeds festival surrounded by good people!

4. Straight Outta Compton by N.W.A
Seeing as Tom has already gone with Grandmaster Flash I’d have to go for some NWA. This is one of the first rap/hip-hop songs I heard and I always end up coming back to it, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it.

5. Master of Puppets by Metallica
Again a favourite from a band I’ve been listening to for as long as I can remember. It’s always been a goal to learn to play this on guitar, 10 years later I’m still no closer.

The Walking Dead (Comics) by Robert Kirkman
One of my favourite books/comic books (it counts right?) and TV series. There are around 143 issues so they should keep me going until the Clicky search party eventually finds me.

Luxury Item
One of my Guitars
I’m not sure I’d be the best self teacher but I’d have plenty of time to give it a go and move beyond Smoke on the Water and Wonderwall with no one around to complain about the noise!

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Written by Shannon May