Clicky rebuilt with speed at its core 🏃

Ensuring our website represents the very best of what we can do is a tricky task. The speed of development in our web team is so fast, that as soon as we rebuild our website we want to start it all over again.

This is the 7th time we have rebuilt the site and we set out some very simple goals for it:

  • Speed: to be blisteringly fast, with at least a 90% score on Google’s Speed Test tool (mobile & desktop), without losing any of the visual appeal we are known for
  • Mobile: to be great on mobile & much easier to use
  • Illustrative: to better illustrate the services we offer our clients
  • Work: to showcase our work in a more effective way

I think we have achieved them all.

The site uses a range of new technologies which means pages seem to load effortlessly and content elegantly arrives on demand. We prioritise content so the viewer gets an immediate response, whilst the content below the fold continues to load without the user noticing.

We have carefully considered the mobile user and made it much more usable and easy to navigate the site with a really simple UI. Often, the web projects we build for our clients start with a “Mobile First” strategy due to mobile users dominating their usage. Desktop still receives more than 60% of our visitors, so we have made sure the site takes full advantage of bigger screen-sizes too.

The services we offer our clients have changed massively over the years, with our digital marketing services now accounting for half of our business, and our Strategy & Insights team growing quickly.

We wanted to show off the depth of our offering and the way that our customers utilise our team to achieve results, not just one single outcome. Often a web project will have started with a vast piece of research and Discovery, followed by a cohesive strategy. Once our web team have built the site, our digital marketing & ProSupport specialists take over to deliver continued support. At the end of the day, our customers want results and we deliver.

Our latest and greatest work often takes a little while to reach our blog, so we wanted to use this rebuild as an opportunity to feature some of our most recent projects on the new site. We have also made it much easier for our team to build our case studies, so we can show off our latest work as soon as we can.

We hope you like the site – our team have worked tirelessly to get it just right and I am really proud of the outcome. Enjoy!

25/5/2018 UPDATE  – the site is now scoring 98/100 for Mobile & 97/100 for Desktop in the Google Page Speed Test tool (Optimisation) – a massive achievement.

Written by Oli Yeates


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