Clicky Watch The Euro's | ENG V WAL

We sat down to watch the Euro’s Thursday last week as England took on Wales in the group stages!
Clicky HQ is in Cheshire, England, but being so close to the Welsh border we have many Welsh employees too! So, we decorated our breakout room, laid out the snacks, divided the room into Welsh and English sections (just for the game of course, we were all best friends afterwards) and settled down the watch the game!
Toby who is here with us on work experience for a couple of weeks was tasked with filming the match (our very own Goggle Box if you will), with help from our in-house photographer Becca, who was on hand the grab some photo’s!
As you can already guess, the English side of Clicky was very happy after the game, with Sturridge scoring an injury-time goal and bringing the final score to 2 – 1. England may have won the match, but they didn’t win the group, falling just behind Wales. Both teams have gone through to the final 16 though, alongside Northern Ireland – 3 home nations through to battle it out (and by battle we mean skip delicately around the pitch)!
Video above not working? Watch Clicky’s reactions to the game here:

Clicky goggle box from Clicky Media on Vimeo.

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Written by Shannon May