#clickypeople / Meet Belinda

In this weeks #filmfriday we get to know Belinda, our resident cheerleader a little better as she tells us all about Clicky, her job role and herself!
How long have you worked at Clicky?
I have been at Clicky for just over a year and a half, and I was originally hired as an SEO executive.
Can you explain your current job role, and why you moved into account management?
I am currently Key Account Manager in the web team, so I work with some of our larger cross agency clients. As a lot of my clients when I was working in SEO were actually working within web and different areas, I saw an opportunity and stepped forward, as I really like the idea of working with them across the agency rather than just in one department. I also enjoy the creative process of working on a website from concept to launch, it’s actually a really neat thing to be a part of.
What does a typical day involve?
There is no typical day! I say that jokingly, but I never really know what my day is going to look like.
Typically, what my day would look like is, working with the web team, making sure everybody’s briefed for their projects, whether thats design (giving feedback from clients) or working with the developers.
We do a team catch up in the morning, making sure everyone is on the same page and then I typically will have anywhere between three to five calls with our clients, or I may arrange a cross agency meeting. There may be some strategy chats, it can be really varied!
Why is Clicky a great place to work?
The people we have on the team are really really special! We have a lot of stressful moments and days, but our team attitude is really what pulls a win in my eyes.
What’s the best part of your job?
I know that some of the work we do really changes the clients that we work with. We launch websites that are beautifully designed and beautifully developed and they change our clients’ businesses. That’s pretty amazing to hear that sort of feedback from our clients!
Three words to describe your job would be…
Challenging, creative and juggling *laughs*
Work related questions out of the way, we get to know the woman behind the desk a little better…
What are you likely to be getting up to when you’re not working?
Probably exploring Wales with my dog and my husband! I love Anglesey – we’re beach people and the dog loves it!
Tell us an interesting fact about yourself…
I used to work as an assistant cruise director on a cruise ship and I visited over 35 countries when I was doing that.

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Written by Shannon May