#clickypeople | Meet Joby

Recently we’ve had Max, a local school student, with us on work experience, and as part of his time at Clicky he filmed and edited this week’s #clickypeople video with our in-house videographer Joby. Max was a pleasure to have in the office, always enthusiastic and keen to learn. He also attended a couple of external photoshoots and presentations, which was fantastic experience for him. For his first video, we think Max did a fantastic job, don’t you?
Roles were very much reversed for Joby, as it was his turn to be in front of the lens. We got to know a little more about the man behind the camera, his job role and what he loves about working at Clicky:
When did you start working at Clicky?
I started working for Clicky at the beginning of March, so that’s about four months now. A friend of mine already worked here in design, and let me know that there was a job going in photography/videography.
Did you go to university?
I did go to university; I studied graphic communication, which was more design focused than anything else. It was a broad and relatively artistic design course. They put a lot of emphasis on things like narrative, and how to tell a story and get your ideas across.
What do you enjoy most about working for Clicky?
The thing I really enjoy is the breadth of stuff that I get to do. Here at Clicky, we have such varied clients, and it’s quite a forward thinking agency. Even the idea of having an in-house photographer/videographer is quite an ‘out there’ idea for a digital agency these days.
If you could give a piece of advice to anyone pursuing a career in photography/videography, what would it be?
I think the best advice would to just be prepared to work hard, and don’t say no to anything just because you don’t feel like it. There’s a lot of people competing for not a huge amount of jobs. Be prepared to do stuff that may not be that exciting initially or do stuff that means you don’t have a free weekend for two months!
Who’s your favourite film maker?
My favourite film maker in the sort of stuff I do is Philip Bloom. He’s an obvious answer, and not only is he a talented film maker, but also he puts a lot of time unpaid off his own back into things like reviews. My favourite film maker in terms of movies and stuff is Wes Anderson. Everything Wes Anderson has done is just amazing.
What software do you use as part of your job?
Day to day I edit on Adobe software. Primarily I use the creative cloud suite, mainly Premier Pro and After Effects.
What do you like to do in your spare time?
At the weekends I like the outdoors quite a lot. I’ve got a camper van and I like to go away to Snowdonia and places like that to do some climbing and mountain biking.
What’s the best holiday you’ve ever been on?
I had a cool holiday a couple of years ago where I drove around Switzerland for a week doing, or should I say trying to do, some climbing, which mostly failed but it was still a really cool trip, and Switzerland is a really cool country!
And finally, where would your dream holiday be?
My dream holiday would definitely be mountaineering in either Switzerland or South America.
Video not working? Watch it below.

#clickypeople – meet joby from Clicky Media on Vimeo.

Written by Shannon May