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Having worked at Clicky for 3 and a half years, Josh is heading up our new ProSupport department. We thought we’d discover exactly why ProSupport has been created, and get to know the Manager himself a little better.
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What is ProSupport?
ProSupport was designed as a separate team to our existing web development team to be more reactive and service clients that have a retainer on a monthly basis. We update websites and any content on them, as well as any key developments a client may need.
Who’s part of the ProSupport team?
We have Adam, a Developer who joined us late last year, and we have Belinda our Key Account Manager
Where do you envision the ProSupport team being in the next 12 months?
We’re only in the first month of official ProSupport and I can see it expanding quite a lot in the next year. I expect we’ll have double the team size within the next two years as we begin working with more and more clients.
How long have you been a developer?
I’ve been a developer for 5 years now, and pretty much did it straight out of school by teaching myself. I’ve worked in agencies ever since.
What’s the best thing about your job?
My job is very client facing, which is good as I enjoy speaking to clients. I’m also very involved in sales, so I would say my job is very varied.
What do you enjoy doing at the weekend?
I’m a big scout and I love the outdoors! On the weekend I’ll probably be climbing, walking or out with the Scouts.
What’s the best thing you’ve done with the Scouts?
We went to Holland for a day which was quite interesting. It was a very early start, but they enjoyed it which was good, even though they did get very tired around lunch time!
Where would your dream holiday be?
My dream holiday would probably be going back to New Zealand. I went there when I was younger and it was pretty good! It’s hot all the time, great beaches and wildlife, not many people, it’s just a really nice culture.
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Clicky People// Meet Josh from Clicky Media on Vimeo.

Written by Shannon May