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We love nothing more than giving you an insight into Clicky and getting to know us a little better. One of the best ways to get to know us, is of course, learning a little more about our team and the role they have at Clicky.
This week, Shannon, our Marketing Assistant took five minutes to chat about what she does at Clicky, and also what she gets up to outside of the office.
What does your job involve?
My job is very varied. I do a lot with Clicky’s social platforms, so I take charge of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Anything you see on there is generally me. I also do a lot of the blog work you see at Clicky, which involves research, gathering content and promoting any new projects we have done. I also assist the different departments on any marketing activities, whether they are internal or external projects – my job involves me doing a lot agency wide.
How did you come about working for Clicky?
I’m currently at university studying Marketing with Advertising and I applied for a placement last August at Clicky, and luckily I got it! Three months later, I then applied for another placement and they offered me a part time as a Marketing Assistant.
It’s a new role within the company, they’ve never had one before and it’s really helped me with my various modules, especially the fact that Clicky is digital and their core focus is online marketing and web design.
What’s your dream company to work for?
My dream company is probably ASOS because I spend too much money with them, so I’m hoping you get a discount if you work for them!
*laughs* I mean Clicky is my dream company – I mean that!
What are you doing when you’re not working or at university?
I’m usually sewing – I’ve got my own little business selling bunting. I also like going for walks, being from North Wales there is a lot of hills and nice scenery.
What’s your favourite part of your job role?
I love how varied it is, and the fact I get to learn a lot as well! My ultimate favourite part is probably writing the blog posts, because I enjoy the research and getting to know everything that’s happening within the company.
Get to know Shannon a little better by taking a look at her Clicky Island Discs (don’t judge her music taste too greatly)!
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Written by Oli Yeates


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