Spotify Wrapped: Clicky’s year in music

If you haven’t noticed yet, Spotify have released their annual “Wrapped” feature, which allows you to find out more about your listening habits over the past year.
Spotify uses all the behavioural data it’s collected over the past year to give you insights into your most-listened-to artists, genres and songs. Of course, once we discovered it was live, we were straight on there to find out what we’d been playing all year.
Bethany 2017 Wrapped on Spotify
First up was Bethany, whose eclectic music taste is often easy to spot on the collaborative office playlist. We all knew Sean Paul would have to feature somewhere.
The top genre of “Modern Rock” actually caused a lot of debate in the office as the most commonly returned result for the marketing team. 2017 Wrapped gives you the opportunity to guess which genre/song/artist you actually listened to the most, and many people guessed wrong. Who’s wrong, Spotify’s data, or the user?
Rich 2017 Wrapped on Spotify
Rich, our Paid Search Manager was up next, getting slightly baffled by his top genre of metalcore, mostly because he wasn’t entirely sure what it was. Neither am I, to be honest. He was also disappointed to see that he’d only listened to 5,800 minutes worth of music – around 96 hours, or 4 days – all year. He might have his headphones in a little more for the rest of the month.
A member of the marketing team who wished to remain anonymous was told that her most listened-to artist was Busted, something she vehemently denies. Does the data lie?
Finally, my results. I knew they’d be a little different, because for a lot of the year I had my Spotify account connected to the office Echo playing the collaborative marketing team playlist. That meant that my results showed the combined musical tastes of the entire marketing team – which also means that you can’t judge me.
Vic Spotify 2017 Wrapped
Once again, my top listened to genre – out of 69 different genres – was Modern Rock, which probably isn’t that far from the truth as far as my personal listening habits are concerned. The Killers as a top band was a little more surprising – I’m blaming Bethany’s additions to the marketing playlist for that result!
I’m also impressed to find that I spent over an entire month listening to Spotify this year. 47,483 minutes works out at around 790 hours, or 33 days (ish), which probably means I’m getting my money’s worth out of a premium subscription…

So why is 2017 wrapped so popular?

This microsite from Spotify is an excellent example of data storytelling done well. Rather than collecting data on user behaviours and just letting it sit there, Spotify have analysed it and turned into an engaging piece of content marketing that really appeals to their users.
Firstly, they’ve only included data that you’d reasonably expect them to, which helps this stay fun, rather than creepy. They’ve also tapped into our ego, by presenting something interactive that tells the user more about their favourite subject – themselves. It’s the same reason why those Buzzfeed quizzes telling you which Spice Girl you are or which TV show you belong in are so popular.
Finally, they’ve created something with truly viral potential. Not only do people like to hear about themselves, they like to share things that make them look positive among their peers. Even if Spotify’s getting it wrong (like that staff member who definitely doesn’t listen to that much Busted), we want to share it – which makes other people want to try it.
It’s very clever, highly engaging and won’t be taking a large budget, because Spotify already has all the data and the users are promoting it for them. An excellent lesson in content marketing if there ever was one!

Written by Hollie Hines

Content & Social Media Specialist

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