Clicky Strategy Day

A chance to reflect on another great year of growth.
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Clicky’s Agency Strategy Day 2018

Last Friday, we held our annual Agency Strategy Day at the Successfactory, marking the end of our financial year.

The day allowed us to reflect on what we’ve achieved as an agency and for our clients over the past 12 months and plan for the year ahead.

The day began with a detailed review of our performance over the past year, the challenges we faced and of course highlights. The last 12 months have seen us grow to over 48 employees, a multi-million-pound turnover and some amazing new clients. 2017/18 was our best year to date, so it was also a great opportunity to celebrate and share our success with the team.

The plan for the year ahead for the agency and our clients was then presented, which highlighted key goals and targets for the whole team to work towards. We were then delivered presentations from our Senior Management team, Client Services, and Nottingham team, showcasing key achievements and their plans going forward.

We then had an afternoon of fantastic team building activities. It goes without saying that everyone got stuck into each challenge but had some fun along the way! Each activity focused on:

  • Communication skills
  • Positive thinking
  • How to work effectively as a team
  • Making small changes can have a huge impact
  • Listening skills
  • and much more!

Clicky Awards

We value our hard-working team and what better way to thank them and celebrate their achievements than by hosting an award ceremony.

Inspirational Colleague

Voted for by the whole Clicky team
This award rewards someone who regularly inspires others with their positive and enthusiastic attitude in the workplace. The winner is someone who is committed to Clicky, their role, and colleagues, and can be easily recognised as an invaluable member of the business. As a by-product of their attitude, they have a positive effect that enhances the wider business and pushes others to improve.

Winner: Dan Phoenix 🏆🎉

Team Player of the Year

Voted for by the whole Clicky team
This award is for the team player whose combined attitude and skills have made an outstanding contribution to positive change, a new initiative or success for the business. The team player will be able to demonstrate that their positive approach has resulted in remarkable improvement or growth of a service, product or experience. The winner will regularly support and be an asset to their colleagues and help drive their department forward.

Winner: Alex Wright 🏆🎉

Rising Star

Voted for by managers, SMT and Directors
This award recognises an individual who hasn’t been with Clicky long but has shown real passion, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. The individual will be able to demonstrate that they have achieved substantial results or improvements in a short space of time and show significant continued potential to shine which will continue to benefit the business more and more in the future.

Winners: Candy Sinclair-Ford and Ellis Johnston 🏆🎉

Excellent Client Relationships

Voted for by managers, SMT and Directors

This award recognises an individual member of staff who consistently exceeds customer expectations and balances the needs of the client and business to the highest standard. They excel in maintaining client satisfaction, delivering results and have a fantastic record of managing projects or retaining and growing their client base.

Winner: Anna Ferguson 🏆🎉


Voted for by managers, SMT and Directors

This award recognises an individual that has demonstrated exceptional innovation in their work or creative thinking to develop/improve our services or efficiencies. This award is for someone who has changed the way they work or introduced new systems that have made a difference, either directly or behind the scenes or made team-working more effective. They are proactive by nature and have a positive entrepreneurial outlook.

Winner: Rich Tarr 🏆🎉


Voted for by SMT and Directors

This award will recognise an individual in the agency leadership team who has had a transformational effect on their individual department/sub-department in the last 12 months. The award recognises an individual who leads by example, focuses on team development and who has delivered tangible results. They show an outstanding commitment to their role and a clear vision for their department, going beyond the call of duty to drive change and improve efficiencies and output.

Winner: Rhian Williams 🏆🎉

Exceptional Contribution

Voted for by SMT and Directors

This award recognises an individual who demonstrates flexibility, reliability, and enthusiasm to provide an outstanding (sometimes unseen) contribution. Those nominated will play a key role in providing a fantastic service that contributes to the smooth and efficient running of the business. They will consistently exceed the expectations of their colleagues, goes above and beyond their job role, and demonstrates a clear understanding of our vision and is especially effective in their role.

Winner: Natalie Williams 🏆🎉

Laura’s Clicky Values Award

This award recognises an individual who demonstrates Clicky Values in the way they interact with clients and team members. They show true dedication to everything that they do.

Winner: Jake Pike 🏆🎉

Sam’s Performance & Impact Award

This award recognises an individual who has delivered real tangible results within their respective area of the agency, that has achieved a transformational effect.

Winner: Rhian Williams 🏆🎉

CEO’s Pick

This award recognises someone for their continual hard work and care they put into everything they do at Clicky.

Winner: Rich Martin 🏆🎉

Written by Claire Oates

Head of Culture & People