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Clicky’s Christmas marketing checklist: Paid search strategy

As part of your overall digital marketing campaign, it’s important to optimise your PPC strategy over the festive season. Unless you want to sign in to Google Ads, adjust budgets and pause campaigns as you slice into your turkey (or vegan nut roast); get organised and have a proper break by following our top tips on how to use paid search over the Christmas holiday.

1. Check your ad budgets

The last thing you want is for your PPC budgets to run out prematurely and to miss out on valuable traffic in the run-up to Christmas and over the festive period. It goes without saying, but do check your budgets and plan ahead to make sure you have enough leeway over the key periods.

2. Check contact details in the platform

Its part and parcel of managing PPC campaigns that from time to time ads get disapproved and landing page or websites can go down. If they do go down, you need to make sure the issue is spotted as soon as possible and dealt with. Google ads can be set up to send email alerts for ad disapprovals and other account issues. So it’s a good time to make sure contact details and preferences are up-to-date.

3. Christmas ad copy

Many advertisers have seasonal offers and promotions running over the festive period, and it makes sense to reflect this in your ad copy. Writing a new set of ads for every ad group in your account can be a big task, so it’s important to do this and consider it done ahead of time to make sure you’re ready for Christmas activity. Consider using countdown ads to (as you may have guessed) countdown to any promo or shipping deadlines to create a sense of urgency in your ads.

4. Set up rules to enable / pause ads or campaigns

After Christmas is over and you’re enjoying a hefty hangover and a rejuvenating brunch on boxing day, the last thing you’re going to want to do is to log in to Google ads and change over all the Christmas ads, for Boxing Day sales ads, or back to the non-Christmas ads.

That’s where rules come into play. Create rules ahead of time to pause all Christmas campaigns and ads, and re-enable all of the standard or Boxing Day ads.

5. Consider your opening times over the holidays

You may need to adjust any information in your ads such as delivery times, in light of any different business hours over the holidays. If you have call extensions, you may want to apply or update a schedule to only show your phone number when someone will be around to answer it. Or, you may want to pause your campaigns entirely if no one is around to take care of new leads or orders that come in if your business is closed for the holiday.

6. Consider seasonality and plan ahead of time

With it being such a widely adopted holiday, Christmas understandably has a significant effect on traffic volumes. But, some trends are not as obvious such as last minute gift shopping or buying an extra chair for the in-laws.

Everyone and their dog get engaged at Christmas. So advertisers in the wedding vertical may want to prep for a spike in traffic on Christmas Day and the days following. Make sure you’re ready in advance with budgets and ad copy especially.

All I want for Christmas, is PPC

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new PPC strategy.

Deck the halls with ROI!

PPC marketing Christmas checklist

Written by Rich Martin

PPC Manager

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