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Clicky’s Christmas marketing checklist: SEO

You’ve spent time and money getting your brand Christmas ready; hours have been spent personalising your website and finally, your PPC strategy has been refined to meet the demands of Christmas shoppers. We could make a joke about checking your list twice…(but seriously, have you?). There’s one final marketing box to tick off this season – SEO!

1. Update your Google my business and Bing places listings

No matter what your business type, providing clarity to users about your Christmas opening times is highly important. Not doing so can cause frustration, as customers may visit your shop thinking you’re open, only to never return again in anger, which could result in a potential loss of sales.

2. Ensure the website is in a “technically-perfect position” as possible

Often businesses gain their highest numbers of traffic in January (think of the sales), and having a website that can’t cope with the strain of higher than average visitors can result in users exiting the website and going to competitor sites instead. Ensure your website is built to cope with this, in addition to ticking all the technical SEO boxes to help with rankings and the user journey through the website.

3. Create Christmas blog content

If it’s relevant to your business type – show users that you’re approachable and that your website is regularly maintained and up-to-date. By displaying little clues that your website is regularly maintained and updated is a great way to build up trust with potential customers and those all-important Googlebot crawlers. No one wants to doubt whether their enquiries or transactions will be adhered to. This is also a great way to push final sales and enquiries before the end of the year, dependant on the blog content.

4. Make sure any page title / meta description optimisation for Christmas related pages is done ahead of time

Landing on a page title that says “Christmas Parties 2016” will put off any user searching for a venue for a Christmas party in the current year. We recommend updating titles and meta descriptions regularly; ensuring seasonal pages are updated is essential to help gain similar or higher levels of traffic than the previous year.

5. Keep on top of out of stock products and listings on your website

If you’re an eCommerce website, make sure there are systems in place to deal with this to avoid poor user experience. On a basic level, simply ensuring that your 404 page allows users to easily navigate back to the area of the website they are looking for is better than nothing. However, we would strongly recommend that out of stock product pages easily allow the user to view similar items or provide a call to action to drive them to register for notifications when the product is back in stock.

Bring joy and SEO

A technical audit is not just for Christmas: it's for life.

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SEO Christmas marketing checklist

Written by Bethany Weatherhead