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Clicky’s Christmas marketing checklists: Branding

It’s nearly here. There’s no denying it… It’s nearly Christmas! (Oh yeah, we’ve started counting)

Yes, you heard us correctly. Although it’s only November, the Christmas lights are turning on, we’re accepting those all-important party invites, and we’re also looking at how we can tailor our Christmas marketing strategies. Whether you’re more like the Grinch or a cheery Christmas Elf, there are a whole host of ways you can personalise your digital (and offline) Christmas marketing campaigns.

To help make this process less overwhelming, we’ve put together a few Christmas marketing ideas to ensure your brand is ready to get in the spirit. To start, we’re looking at Christmas Branding.

Christmas content – landing pages

Creating a festive landing page can have a whole range of benefits for your company. Having a home on your website dedicated to your Christmas campaign or product means you can get really creative, driving customers to your key messages and getting them talking about your fabulous gifts. Landing pages present an opportunity for developing and showing off your brand’s personality. Whether you’re running a Christmas competition, offering special offers or promoting limited edition products, rise to the occasion and produce a dedicated landing page that’s perfectly tailored to your seasonal campaign. Coupled with a targeted promotion plan, it can go a long way towards boosting your Christmas sales.

Website Upgrades

Not sure if you’re ready for a whole new landing page but want to do something to get your website looking festive? Customise Christmas-themed banners to promote your seasonal campaigns online. Adding animated elements like falling snow can really capture the essence of Christmas.

Email Templates

Seasonal email content is a great way to reach out and engage with your audience – perfect for this time of the year when your goals are focusing on promoting Christmas campaigns and increasing sales. Email marketing campaigns allow you to tempt customers with content on savings and offers. Nurture their interests with friendly reminders about gift ideas, Christmas getaways, and even providing them with that little bit extra to help them achieve the ultimate Christmas. For example, if your website sells home interiors, your audience may be interested in blog content on how to create the perfect table setting for Christmas.

Social Media

Why not give your social media channels a festive makeover? Get in the Christmas spirit and upload a custom Facebook or Twitter header banner; deck your feed with festive assets! Increasingly, customers who communicate with brands on social media are looking for a personal experience. By paying attention to your brand’s appearance and sharing tailored content on social that relates to the season, you can build relationships with your audience, providing content that’s relevant to their needs.

Get your followers excited and interested in what you have to offer. You can address this by replying to their comments, or by creating content based on the posts that they like the most. Follow up on your followers’ excitement about the holiday with a helpful Christmas shopping checklist (in the form of an infographic) – building your customer relationships will eventually pay off in the form of increased sales and conversions.

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Social media advertising

Display Creative

At this time of year, it’s important to stand out from the crowd and generate a buzz around your brand. Display advertising is a proven way to increase traffic to your site, improving your brand reach and generating that all-important brand awareness – you’re paying to be seen in front of your competitors. If you use ads to promote sales and products it can encourage more click-through to your website, encouraging users to browse and purchase items. Stand out using eye-catching creative to capture your audiences’ attention and drive them to learn more about your brand.

Not ready to go all out this Christmas?

Strike the right balance of festive fun using traditional branded marketing efforts.

Christmas cards and party invites

Everybody loves the annual work Christmas party, right?! Why not get your staff in the spirit by sending custom party invitations? Invitations are a great way to showcase your creativity, capture your brand’s personality and boost festive feelings internally. Help your colleagues feel valued and appreciated by creating something truly unique in anticipation of your Christmas event.

2019 Calendars

Brighten up your office with a 2019 calendar, tailored to your brand. Get your New Year off to a flying start and invest in a range of bespoke graphics and illustrations – create something special that’s in line with your creative offering.

Festive Email Signatures

Show a little personality this Christmas with festive email signatures. Elf yourself, or add cute Santa hats – they’re simple to add and remove to your email templates, meaning you’ll have fresh email signatures ready to go for the rest of 2019.

Get brand ready for Christmas

Do you think any of our suggestions would suit your brand? Take a look at our Christmas marketing checklist and tick off each element you would like to apply to your brand. We’ve also put together a Christmas checklist for PPC and SEO – stay in touch to find out more.

Christmas branding checklist

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Written by Candy Sinclair-Ford

Digital Designer