#clickytop5 | Instagram Stats 2015

Instagram have been big news over the past few months following the universal release of their advertising platform. We’ve been snooping about and have rounded up the top 5 Instagram stats we think you should know about:
1. eMarketer predicts in their report that Instagram will earn over $2.5 billion in ad sales by 2017, which will outsell Google and Twitter for U.S display ads!
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2. Instagram say that 97% of measured campaigns on their advertising platform have generated significant lifts in ad recall. An example of this is the Gilt Groupe who ran a campaign on Instagram’s ad platform that saw an 85% lift in app installs.
3. eMarketer also think that 71% of U.S companies will be using Instagram by 2017, and the the popular photo sharing app may be more popular than Twitter as a marketing tool within the next two years!
4. Instagram has beaten Twitter as the most popular platform for the Rugby World Cup says econsultancy.
Although brands are still more present on Twitter, Instagram ranks higher for overall engagement. It’s said that Instagram posts tend to be more positive than those on Twitter.
5. According to Mavrck’s study, the time where you may see greater engagement on Instagram is between 6am and 12pm. They say: ‘While posting volume is relatively low during those morning hours, users are still peeking at their feeds regularly on their smartphones. Therefore, they represent a sizeable audience during a time when there’s less competition for attention’.
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Written by Shannon May