Connecting with the Industry Rockstars at Moz

Here at Clicky, we believe in constant professional learning and development within all of the departments, including our SEO team. On a weekly basis those of us in the SEO team has dedicated time for reading industry news and trends, watching conference seminars or the latest in various webinars.
Of those, one we all consistently watch and learn from is Moz’s Whiteboard Friday.
Weekly, digital marketers around the world are treated to a timely webinar addressing a wide range of topics with relevant application through Moz’s Whiteboard Friday. We make a point of watching these lessons by the industry experts knowing we will be able to apply the information directly to our current Clicky clients.
Normally, the relationship between Clicky Media and Whiteboard Friday is separated between 5,000 miles as Moz is based in Seattle, Washington, or via Twitter. That is, until recently.
Knowing I had a future trip back to my hometown of Seattle, I sent a very innocent Tweet a few days before I flew:

With over 300,000 followers, imagine my surprise when I actually received a reply from Moz, inviting me to visit their headquarters in lovely Seattle!

After a quick e-mail exchange, I arranged to meet one of the staff members at Moz, Jackie.
During my visit to Moz, I was able tour their office space right in the heart of downtown Seattle, ask a million questions about inbound digital marketing, give input on new products Moz is developing and even take a snapshot with the famous whiteboard of Whiteboard Friday.
Visit to Moz in Seattle
Then, by complete chance, I had the opportunity to meet Rand Fishkin one of the co-founders of Moz and a main contributor for the Whiteboard Friday lessons. Meeting Rand one-on-one was like meeting a rockstar of the digital marketing world and I’ll be honest it was tough to contain my enthusiasm.
Meeting Rand at Moz
Through an innocent Tweet I was able to connect with Moz, an industry leader in digital marketing and SEO, and gain fantastic insight to which we can apply to our work here at Clicky. Classic networking at its finest, through the modern tool of Twitter.
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Written by Abby Gibbs

Head of Client Services