Content marketing in 2015

1. Marketing will become increasingly ‘people’ focused.
Think emotion, think human, think REAL. There’s nothing worse than a fake company or a company without a sense of humour. Build on human emotions through storytelling by listening to what the customer wants. Your audience will be bombarded night and day with an overwhelming amount of advertising, the majority of which is simply trying to sell and not convey a story. Human beings are clever (give or take), so work with that. Give them something rather than shoving it in their face.
2. Content promotion is just as important as content creation.
It’s not just social media platforms that will get your brand out there, but outreaching to the relevant people within your industry. Don’t think the hard work has been done once you’ve clicked the share button. Put the effort in (or let us put the effort in) to allow your world-class content pieces (that we’ve produced) to received the attention they deserve.
3. Corporate storytellers will become a thing.
That’s right. We might even have a couple of job title changes at Clicky! But before that happens, what exactly is a corporate storyteller? It’s about giving those less hyperactive industries (finance, loans, housing) a platform to shout out from, to give themselves a brand identity like all the other industries (travel, food, beauty). Through corporate storytelling, brands gain a deeper identity and become something more recognisable and human to their audience and potential audiences. “Branding” becomes more than just logo design and a catchy tagline; it’s about identity, personality, likeability, conversations.
4. Have different variations of content to suit your audience.
It’s great to produce a really sterling piece of content, but what happens when it’s just not quite in the right form? An infographic is brilliant for those of us with a more visual sense of learning and gathering information, but an eBook or guide is better for those who want something a bit more solid to look at. So how do you overcome this? It’s simple. Produce your content across a number of options. You can then track which is the most successful (through brochure downloads or social shares) and use the data for any future ideas.
5. Last but certainly not least…
… however you approach your content marketing strategy, ensure you always have mobile-friendly in mind. Your audience will want human emotion, but they also want user experience.
So there you have it! Content marketing in 2015 in a nutshell. If you think we’re the right agency for your company, helping to create that individual brand voice, then contact a member of our delightful content marketeers today.
Content Marketing Institute

Written by Alex Wright

Head of Search