Daisy’s Work Experience at Clicky

Friday, February 24, 2023

I’m Daisy and I am currently in Year 12 at Sixth Form studying English Literature, Media Studies and Religious Studies and Philosophy and ethics. Clicky has been a great introduction to the digital marketing industry, something I hadn’t fully thought about as a future career.

But I can tell you now, that this week has been such an eye opening experience into the different career paths within digital marketing. I have spent time with lots of different team members throughout the week who introduced me to their job and set me some fun tasks to try my hand at too. 

From the very first day here at Clicky, I felt welcomed by the whole team and loved the open plan office space which had cool meeting rooms including a soundproof phone booth! I got to meet Fay who is a part of the Growth Team at Clicky and this got me really excited about possible brands that they could reach out to. She explained the process in which they go through to find new brands and also how they are looking out for ones with a focus on sustainability too. 

On Tuesday, I was with the Digital PR and Content team who introduced me to the idea of press releases and written content, like blogs, for brands. I was tasked with creating a mock press release for one of their clients and I enjoyed researching this, using keyword research tools like Surfer SEO and finally presenting it back to them both to get their professional feedback. Some other tasks included a topic breakdown for blog content, top-level competitor analysis for optimising on-page content, and in-depth article research for several of Clicky’s D2C clients. Kumari and Armarni were really helpful and gave me lots of useful links and tips to use in my own writing.

Wednesday was Clicky’s monthly Agency Day so the office was busier than usual. I had the chance to meet new people and sit in meetings like D2C club and the Agency catch up which gave me an insight into the workings of the business. Then, a group of us went to the new Chester Markets for lunch; it was fun to spend some social time with the people I had been working with during the week. 

During the rest of the week, I spent some time with Emily looking into UX research, Jen learning how Clicky are working towards their BCorp certification and Simon introduced me to Performance Creative along with meeting so many more wonderful people. 

“I want to take this opportunity to show some appreciation to everyone at Clicky for encouraging me through my week here and being such an inspiration in what they do on a daily basis. Hopefully, I can keep in touch with the awesome team here at Clicky and re-visit sometime in the future.”