Day In The life / Bethany

Every day at Clicky Media is different, and working as a Natural Search Assistant is no exception. Here is an insight into what I do in general and on a day-to-day basis.
As a Natural Search or SEO assistant, my work involves supporting the Natural Search Executive and Search Strategist on their workflows for clients throughout the month. As this is my first SEO related role, I also spend a lot of time learning about all areas of natural search in order to apply it to my work and find ways to improve the optimisation for client accounts. For those who are unaware, natural search consists of many areas of work with a goal of improving visibility, traffic, user experience and ultimately interest in the client’s website.

Monthly Reports

A day towards the start of the month will involve client monthly reports. This is a great opportunity to check in on all client data, and reveal all our positive stats compared to previous months and years to the client, along with plans for what we wish to achieve throughout that specific month.

Client Time

Throughout the rest of the month, my day usually consists of working on 2 or 3 clients. This allows me time to fully focus on one client at a time, and work solely towards their individual needs. As mentioned previously, there are a lot of areas of natural search, and my work on a client can be anything from creating new page titles and meta descriptions to optimise visibility and positioning on search engines, performing a thorough competitor analysis to find opportunities for expansion, to carrying out a full technical audit to investigate the health of a website and where there are errors to be fixed.


A lot of the work that I do involves collaboration and cooperation with the Web and ProSupport departments. This work includes creating and sending suggested redirects to Web or ProSupport to implement, this helps to prevent those inconvenient 404 pages! I will also find ways to improve a website’s site speed, fix problems with usability and other problems, and send these to ProSupport to implement.
The variety and challenges that working at Clicky brings is what I love about the job. A problem at work is quickly shared then collectively solved, and 110% effort from every member of staff allows every task to run smoothly.

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Written by Bethany Weatherhead