a day in the life / Dan Phoenix

A day in the life blog post is a tough task due to the fact every day is different to the next, but here goes!
In one sentence, I develop creative, entrepreneurial and strategic digital marketing approaches for prospective clients who want to work with Clicky. If your business wants to disrupt traditional marketing channels and find a new way of doing things, I can help you formulate strategy through our highly accredited and talented digital team.

Initial Client Meetings & Pitch Preparation

If you reach out to Clicky with a big idea or want to see if digital marketing can help with your business growth, chances are you will speak directly with me. I’m the initial face of Clicky to our clients. If we feel there is an opportunity for a business, I’ll begin the process of finding a suitable strategy.
I take the time to deeply understand a business’s needs and growth goals before putting pen to paper. I tend to go into detail about how the business operates on a daily basis. I’ll strategically delve into the sales to conversion path to really understand how digital will work for the business in the long term. I’ll sift through Google Analytics data, industry market reports and internal business documentation before looking at the wider strategy. I don’t like to make assumptions, I like to use data to support the recommendations and strategy moving forward.

Strategy Creation

After the initial briefing and analysis, I’ll work on creating a highly effective strategy that will provide the business with a clear path of how we’ll use digital marketing to meet their long-term goals. I’ll work with the wider digital team at Clicky across all of our digital specialisms. Strategy work is crucial and takes time, as this is where we’ll begin building the overarching approach for the business through channel selection and budget allocation. This process typically uses the good old-fashioned whiteboard for idea generation and workflow charts of the timescales associated with the strategy.

Research & Development

Another part of my job at Clicky is research and development. I dedicate time to seeking out new platforms, methods and tools that we can provide Clicky clients. Most recently, we’ve introduced Sky AdSmart for the agency which enables clients to operate targeted TV adverts.

Kick-Off Meetings

Once a strategy has been signed off for a new client, I will then lead the kick-off meeting for our team to ensure an efficient and detailed project handover. My job here is to bring the wider digital team to the same level of understanding I have for my client. This is absolutely fundamental for a successful digital marketing campaign and the wider team will need to fully understand the business and their goals.
Those are just some of the things I cover within my consultancy role, but there’s more rewards too.

The Businesses and self-made individuals I get to meet and work with.

Fresh from university, all you ever seem to hear about is Richard Branson or Alan Sugar. Don’t get me wrong, they’re incredible entrepreneurs and have achieved unimaginable growth for their businesses, but the ones that are really inspiring are the individuals I get to meet who are constantly seeking the edge over their competition. The ones who acknowledge new innovations and take action are the clients I like to work with and thrive off. It’s meeting these people and working alongside them that makes my job worthwhile.

Autonomy, Autonomy and Autonomy.

Clicky is a forward thinking and innovative business, if you have an idea or new concept for the wider agency, you can put it forward and get backing from the team.

Daily interaction with our specialist teams.

I have an award-winning web development and digital marketing team who I get to speak to on a daily basis. Knowledge is key to any successful digital strategy and having the team on hand to provide ideas and key technical know-how is invaluable.

Written by Dan Phoenix

Digital Consultant