A day in the life / David

Our newest blog series takes a look at what members of the Clicky team get up to on a daily basis. This month, Account Manager David gives us some insight into his role…

Calls / meetings

A large part of my job is, quite obviously, interacting with clients; and it’s probably one of my favourite parts of the job! Personally, I do really enjoy getting out and sitting down with clients, or even just having a quick catch up on a call. These meetings are often a great chance to present work or results to clients and get some really great feedback, as well as an opportunity to learn more about the client’s business too.
Ultimately, one of the advantages of working with Clicky is that our clients get to focus on other aspects of their business, knowing that their digital marketing is taken care of to the very highest standard. It’s enjoyable for me then, when I do get to catch up with clients and show them what we’ve achieved in our time for them.

Project work

Whether it’s supporting the PPC, SEO, or ProSupport team, I really like to be as involved as possible with client project work. Being this involved means that I have a complete understanding of my client accounts, and I can easily provide feedback and updates to the client.
I know that having previously been part of an in-house marketing team that used an agency, one of our biggest frustrations was when our AM was basically a ‘go-between’, and clearly didn’t understand the feedback they were passing on. I’ve worked pretty hard to develop a solid understanding of most areas of digital marketing, and by keeping myself as involved as possible in project work, I can ensure my clients have an AM who understands, and is proactively working on all aspects of their account. I do actually enjoy this a lot! When I first started in digital marketing, I was doing a lot of hands-on work, so any opportunity to do so again is always a pleasure.


Part of my day is spent supporting the PPC team in checking all of the accounts. I do budget and optimisation checks mostly – making sure there’s nothing of any concern, and spotting any possible areas of improvement within the accounts. I’ll also run through client Analytics accounts to monitor a few key stats across the websites and check if there are any standout numbers; good or bad.


I’ll also try to get back to all client emails where possible. Dawn (another Clicky account manager) and I went to a Google lecture where they proved that one of the most productive things you can do is just block out two chunks of your day to respond to your emails, and I’ve actually found it really useful. I keep my emails open all day, and as my clients know, I’ll respond to an urgent email at any time of the day (I know a few of my clients have been pretty surprised to receive a response straight away when they’re working late!), but I do try to keep my two big blocks for responding to all emails.

Internal meetings

A lot of my clients are ‘full-agency’ and utilise all Clicky services, from email marketing, Design, and SEO, right through to PPC and ProSupport. As much as I’d like to be involved in literally everything my clients do, it simply isn’t feasible, and besides, we have an excellent team of specialists here who carry out some excellent work. Where possible, I try to catch up with client account teams on a regular basis to not only ensure that everybody in the team is aware of other work that’s going on within the account, but also that all of our work is headed achieving the client’s goals. This is also a great opportunity for some collaborative work too!

Enjoying Life at Clicky

Clicky is a great place to work when it comes to ensuring that the team is happy. As a (semi) active person, I really enjoy the weekly running club, and our football games (shout out to Clicky FC) are a great way to unwind on a Tuesday evening.

Think you’d love it at Clicky too? We’re currently looking for a Digital Account Manager to join the team!

Written by Hollie Hines

Content & Social Media Specialist

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