Day in the life / Jenny

What really goes on at Clicky? This month, our Agency Coordinator Jenny shares what she gets up to on a day-to-day basis within the agency…

As Agency Coordinator my role is very diverse, I would class Clicky as my “client” and get involved with all aspects of the business.

Every two weeks, the whole agency get together for “Morning Catch Up” this is to share any company updates, shout about new clients and generally discuss how well we are doing and how we can improve our services for our fast-growing client base. I use this time to get everyone organised for the week ahead, letting staff know of any photoshoots, events or perks going on throughout the week.

I prep the office each morning making sure everywhere looks welcoming for the day ahead, this usually involves turning on all of the TV’s and playing music via the Alexa’s and Google Home dotted around the Agency.

Every day I schedule time in my diary to check my emails so I can deal with any meeting room and parking requests – in a very fast paced office this can be difficult to manage!

I’m usually the first person that our clients meet on arrival at the office which is great as my role is heavily focused on the internal aspect of Clicky so it’s nice to mix things up and put faces and personalities to the names I hear flying around the office.

One of the most exciting parts of my job is to arrange any social events for our 45+ staff from Friday beers to an evening at Chester Races. This year I was lucky enough to put together Clicky’s 10th Birthday party at Chester zoo! I’m currently in the midst of organising our Christmas party and charity activities for the year ahead.

My neverending yet enjoyable task is making sure Clicky HQ represents our brand. We try to keep the office looking modern, creative and professional and have recently updated our signage which I’m sure everyone has seen plastered all over the company Instagram page!

The novelty of our new signage still hasn’t worn off #clickyhq #chester

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I’ve recently started working with our Marketing Team to continue our efforts of making sure our Social Media platforms have a good work- play balance as this is something we do really well as an Agency giving Clicky a great atmosphere and working environment. Social Media is a great way of getting our personality across.   

Coordinating events is a passion of mine and over the past year, Clicky has hosted a number of talks and events including the launch of our Nottingham Office. We partnered with Google and a few of our local connections to provide local businesses (based in Nottingham) with knowledge of trends and our predictions for 2017. We also worked with Matthew’s estate agents hosting a CPD event for local Estate Agencies which included digital marketing trends and networking. I really enjoy showing off who Clicky are and get great satisfaction seeing people learn about how technology and the Marketing industry is changing.

The variety and challenges I face day to day keep me on my toes so I never have a boring day at the office. I’ve worked at Clicky for nearly 3 years and have gained so much knowledge of the industry and how the business works – here’s to another 3 years at least!

Written by Hollie Hines

Content & Social Media Specialist

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