Day in the life / Josh

Ever wonder what it’s really like to work at Clicky? Our PPC Assistant, Josh, shares his typical day in the agency…

As a PPC Assistant, my job is to get people clicking those ads in search engines. How do we do this? Tireless ad copy testing and optimisation of our client’s PPC accounts. I get to work on all sorts of different accounts which is one of the many perks of working here at Clicky, there’s always something different that pops up each day.

During my time here, I’ve learnt so many different things from how to write compelling ad copy to building and analysing PPC accounts, there’s so much different work that can crop up in a day, let me share with you some of the more typical things:


Budget checking would be the first port of call. On the first of the month, we need to make sure that we reset all of a client’s budgets so that we keep to a level of spend which is in line with the budget we have been given by the client. It’s a big responsibility, thousands of pounds of someone else’s money is in your hands. You do not want to mess that up!


Reporting back to clients at the start of the month is another big part of my job. We use DataStudio to pull together some really slick reports. After we’ve created the reports, we use them to analyse how the month gone by has performed. This is actually one of my favourite things as it gives me a chance to look at how changes we have made during the month have impacted performance and I also get a really good understanding of the accounts.

Building campaigns

When we win new PPC clients the emphasis turns to building the account. There are steps we take before we dive in and start the build. First thing is keyword research, without some exhaustive research and understanding into how people are searching for your client’s products, how can you hope to get any clicks? The answer: you can’t. The next thing is your structure. Having an intuitive structure to funnel in the most relevant traffic to your account is really important to get people clicking on the right ads. Once you’ve got these, you can start to build and write your ads for the campaigns you’ll be uploading!

Search queries

The work doesn’t stop once the account has been uploaded into Adwords or Bing however! Search query reports are great as they allow us to look at what people search for to trigger our ads. We can then look at where we get irrelevant traffic and add these as negative keywords so our client’s money isn’t wasted in future. On the other side, we can use search query reports to “mine” for new keywords that we can use to boost the account’s performance.

There’s always something new here at Clicky and from one day to the next you could be doing completely different things on completely different accounts, the variety of things I do is what makes me love the job I do.

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Written by Hollie Hines

Content & Social Media Specialist

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