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Want to know what it’s like to be a content marketing and social media executive at Clicky? Here’s a glimpse into just some of the things I work on each week…
Once a week we’ll start the day with a marketing department catch-up. That’s basically our opportunity to share progress on any major projects we’re working on, as well as talking about the work we need to do for upcoming contract renewals. It’s a good opportunity to find out what the other account teams are up to and see if there’s anything I can do to support a client with content or social media.
At the beginning of every month, we’ll get given our hours allocations, so we know how much time we’ve got available to spend on each client. It’s up to us to then plan all that time in throughout the month, taking note of any deadlines and the tasks we’ve got in our workflow.
As the content and social specialist, I work very closely with our Natural Search team to make sure the work we’re doing aligns with our clients’ overall strategies. We’ll have regular meetings to talk about specific clients and plan in the work we’re going to do, so we can make sure we’re delivering exactly what each client needs. It’s also a good chance to catch up on what’s working and what isn’t, so we can share suggestions on how to make our client campaigns perform better.
There will typically be between 5 and 15 clients that I’ll be working on in any given month. For some, it will just be consultative work, where I spend my time conducting research and audits to make recommendations on the work their in-house team carries out. For others, we look after their entire content and social media strategies, so I’ll spend more time working on them.
In any given day I could be planning the social media calendar for an estate agent, writing a blog for a technology company, monitoring budgets for a LinkedIn campaign or optimising articles for a superyacht charter broker, so I’m kept pretty busy! I do a mix of regular retainer work and one-off project work, so all that has to be balanced out.
The biggest projects I take on involve writing entirely new content for websites that our web team are designing and building. These projects can be huge, depending on the nature of the website, and because of the level of detail involved, I have to quickly become an expert on the client and the industry they operate in. I a similar thing for all of the clients I work with, but when it’s a website, it’s a lot of information, very quickly, because it’s all got to be researched, written, edited and approved before the website launches, which gives me a very tight timeline!
Writing for so many different clients and industries has a side effect of making me a fountain of obscure knowledge. Unfortunately, not much of it comes up in pub quizzes, but it does come in useful as we continue to work with clients on their ongoing strategies.
One of the best things about my role at Clicky is the flexibility to plan my own workload. Yes, I’ve got deadlines and workflows that we’ll agree at an account level, but the ability to plan in when I’m going to complete the work means I can avoid writer’s block and I rarely get bored.
Another highlight comes on a Friday lunchtime when Bethany (our Natural Search Executive) and I champion the Marketing team’s “Fat Friday”. Plus, every other week we’ll end Friday with drinks in the breakout room, which is a great way to wind down after a busy week.

Written by Hollie Hines

Content & Social Media Specialist

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