Declan's first week at Clicky

My first week at Clicky went by very fast.
On the first day, I arrived at 8:32. Parking in Chester is a nightmare.
After being two minutes late on my first day, I walked into our bi-weekly team catch up – a great first impression. Luckily everyone at Clicky is very friendly and understanding, and I was soon settled in at my desk.
A lot of the first few days were spent meeting all the members of the Clicky team, this involves a process called ‘Speed Dating’. Speed Dating is where the new member of the team gets to meet everyone one by one. This allowed me to get a good understanding of what everyone does around the office, and put a face to the name’s I kept hearing being called out.
The next few days involved soaking up as much information about the company and the processes that go on as possible. Although this was intimidating at first, it wasn’t hard at all with the help of everyone around the office.
Most of my day now is currently spent doing keyword research for clients, and learning more about the company and industry. A lot of the time early on is spent learning, so that you can start working on your own client accounts.
At the time of writing this, I have just passed the Google Fundamentals Exam. It’s my second time doing it so it wasn’t too hard. My goal is to complete the training as fast as possible, and pass all of the exams so that I can start managing my own client accounts. Watching an account’s revenue grow is very satisfying.
All in all my first impressions of Clicky are great, and my first week went amazingly. I am very excited for my future here, and hopefully, I can help in growing the company even more.

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Written by Hollie Hines

Content & Social Media Specialist

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