Design culture at Clicky

At Clicky, our mission is simple: we’re on a mission for a better web. Making websites look beautiful and work elegantly is one of our big focuses, and is overseen by our talented design team – Rhian, our Digital Design Manager; Hayley, Lead Digital Designer; and our Digital Designers, Andy and Candy (yes, you read that correctly!).

Design is a huge part of the way we approach a web project here at Clicky. When working on a new website, we as the design team get involved as early as possible. Big, new projects excite us as designers – we love a challenging new project, full of opportunities for improvement through creative thinking. Whether we’re working on a full web project, a complete rebrand, business cards, social posts or email templates, there’s no limit to how we can use design to enhance your brand offering. There’s no project too big or too small to engage our team!


When you work with the designers at Clicky, we’re right there with you from start to finish. We get involved in the early stages of a project so that we can gather knowledge and research conducted by the Strategy and Insights team. Evidence informs our design decisions. There’s no point in producing a concept with no reasoning to back it up: that’s just guessing at what’s best for the project, not knowing what is. Clicky champions data-driven processes to ensure that the work we produce solves problems and achieves results, every time.

Manageable, Phased Approach

When we have all of the research in hand, we get to have some fun! We can then unleash our creativity to come up with design solutions for the brief. When we are working on web projects, we apply a phased approach, that breaks down the project into manageable chunks of work that we can present to our clients. This approach ensures that the entire project runs smoothly. Once a design phase is approved, that phase moves into development, while we work on the next design phase. Each phase will consist of a couple of key web pages that we will work tirelessly to get just right. Nothing progresses to the next phase until our client is completely satisfied. We genuinely care about getting things right.

Do What You ❤️

We really love what we do. We’re passionate creatives who love nothing more than doing design work day in, day out. Design is important to us as designers (it’s our livelihood, it’s what we do). But not only that, design is important to Clicky. Clicky values the importance of time spent perfecting design work to make sure that everything is just right. “What is done in love, is done well”.

Visit our website design page to learn more about our services and the exciting work we’ve created for our range of clients. Our team are more than happy to discuss your next project – drop us a quick email, or, we’re just at the end of the phone if you’d prefer to hear a friendly voice! 

Written by Candy Sinclair-Ford

Digital Designer