Digital dashboards for the office

Everything from invoicing to project management here at Clicky Media is done online. When nearly all our key systems are web based it means data can often feel hidden behind different login areas. Until now…
Geckoboard is a really nice system which can assemble your data into one place and display it on to a screen in your office (or anywhere else).  The system can draw certain key elements of data via a range of API’s (provided by each piece of software) which can then be organised into a nice clean and customisable dashboard.
Geckoboard works with hundreds of different systems including Freshbooks, Basecamp, Google Analytics, Chartbeat, Salesforce and loads more.
The idea is that everyone in our office can see, at a glance, a range of important figures including Total invoices this month (compared to last), how many people are on our website right now, how many new twitter followers we have had, how many new Facebook likes we have had, how may quote requests we have received and a range of other key data.


The Clicky Media Geckoboard screen in our offices

We really like it and it has to be a “must have” for any online business.
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Written by Oli Yeates


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