Essential digital marketing for recruitment agencies

Digital marketing is essential for recruitment.
Staying up to date and relevant in this industry is critical to finding new recruits and employers, and matching these up to find the perfect candidate.
We’ve broken down the key things you need to know about digital in the recruitment sector and how a well thought out digital strategy could help improve your performance.

content marketing and social media.

Recruitment is a sector which is constantly evolving and changing as time goes on. The rise in social media has irrevocably changed the landscape of the recruitment market, making it easier than ever for brands in the digital space to communicate with potential new employees. Using content effectively can ensure you are communicating with your customers in the right way.
Content marketing can be one of the best ways to attract new candidates and clients when accompanied by a well thought out strategy. Increasing your brand presence online with industry-relevant content is a great way to engage with potential clients, candidates and other key stakeholders for your business.
Increasing competition in this sector is becoming an issue for many recruitment agencies, especially those who are much smaller in size than the dominant brands. Regularly updating social media accounts with fresh, relevant and strategic content helps you to get the right attention from the right people, giving you an opportunity to cut through the noise of competitors.
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branding and design.

With the market becoming increasingly saturated, branding is essential in keeping up to date and ensuring that your communications send the right message. If your brand isn’t reflective of your work, you may struggle to inspire new candidates.
Our design and branding teams love working with recruitment agencies who are looking to refresh their look. We’ve just been selected to work with Axis Recruitment on a full rebrand of their visual identity to fit in line with their brand new offices, which is an exciting new project for us.
As a recruitment agency, one of your key goals is to ensure you’re getting a constant stream of potential candidates and employers joining you. By making your website visually appealing, with responsive design and a straightforward user experience, you’ll be making it easier for potential clients to browse on any device, spending more time on your website and getting all the information you need. Interested, well-informed users make the best enquiries, helping you to grow your business and serve as many people as possible.
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Keeping your website content up to date can be a challenge, especially in the recruitment industry as so many jobs come and go daily. Our ProSupport team can be on hand to assist with this, keeping your site fresh and relevant with regular updates and changes to your content while supporting your marketing efforts to ensure for a streamlined strategy.
A strong digital strategy can have a huge impact on reaching the right clients and candidates in the right areas. Speak to one of our specialists today about our bespoke services tailored to fit in line with your business’ marketing strategy.

Written by Hollie Hines

Content & Social Media Specialist

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