Digital marketing trends to look out for this year

1. New movements between online and offline shopping
In 2015, we’ll see more and more online brands suddenly with offline shops, and vice versa, attempting to bridge the gap between the two worlds. Social media will become a strong focus, with shops encouraging users to showcase their products, both in store and off the shelves. It’s a really effective way of getting people to buy products and market them to their friends and family in a way that a big brand can’t. Social media will also aid companies with selling their products, whether that’s through a link on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook etc.
This means that companies will take a look at their mobile efforts too, taking advantage of the fact that people look on the go and then buy in store when they’re ready. Having an effective mobile presence means that brands are able to reach consumers constantly, without losing the quality of a normal website or shop front.
2. Personality and personal brands
2015 is the year of people and brand personalities. We no longer class corporate as quality; we’d much rather have a company that makes us laugh than a company that simply states their mission statement and ethos. If a brand can effectively create a marketing strategy that focuses on the consumer and entertaining them, rather than simply trying to sell and persuade them, they’ll find that influence and sales are purely side effects.
3. Relationship building
Leading on from this, gaining strong relationships with both consumers and other companies is vital for maintaining that personable contact. If consumers can see you have ‘banter’ with other brands, this adds to your authority as a likeable and trustworthy company. You’re not afraid to face the competition head on and people aren’t afraid to like you for that. You become cool without even trying. Hashtag win.
4. Content still reigns supreme and content marketing catches up
We’ve already harped on about content in our last article, but there’s a reason for this; content is vital for any marketing strategy and it ain’t going away any time soon. Alongside this, content marketing is building a similar standing and the two go hand in hand. You can’t have great content without a great content strategy. Believe us, we’ve tried.
5. Marketing as a service? No, it’s a way of life
We live, eat, breathe digital marketing and although we do ‘service’ our clients (wink, wink), we don’t consider our different marketing options to be separate ‘services’. We see marketing as a way of life for companies and brands, so without differing aspects (such as PPC, SEO, content, video etc.) you simply can’t be as effective as you could and should be. Treating you digital marketing efforts as a whole and treating us as another department in your company will enable your brand to become bigger, better, and thrive in 2015.
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Written by Heather Maryniak