Digital news – August

Did you check out our digital news blog from July? Well we’re back again with the top industry news stories for August.

87% of shoppers begin their search online

Econsultancy have stated that a recent report shows a huge 87% of shoppers research for a new product on digital channels rather than looking in store. Only 3% of shoppers research in-store before they then buy online.

That being said, 46% of shoppers still prefer to buy in a physical store, despite doing most of their research online. This therefore highlights that more can be done to build trust online with consumers and also to simplify the process, making them more inclined to purchase online. If you’re looking to increase your online conversions, see how our Strategy & Insights team can help.

Influencers under investigation

The Competition and Markets Authority has launched an investigation into influencers who are failing to disclose whether they have been paid for posts on behalf of brands. Law states that an influencer must make it clear to consumers whether they have been paid by a brand for producing content.

Huge budgets are now attributed to influencer marketing, which means this investigation could pose a risk for brands. Ever considered adding influencer marketing to your strategy? The Tribe platform is the perfect place to start and ensures all influencers meet the standards required.

Google Ads Strength Indicator

Google responsive search ads (currently in beta), help to combine creativity with the power of Google’s machine learning to deliver relevant ads. However it’s not always clear whether these ads include enough information.

Google have now introduced ad strength which will measure the quantity, relevance and diversity of your ad and provide you with actionable feedback to help improve the success of your ads. Still unsure of the effectiveness of your campaigns? Get in touch with our Paid Search team.

Snapchat to overtake Facebook with its younger users

Snapchat’s 18-24 year old users will overtake Facebook’s by the end of 2018. The number of Snapchat users will reach 5 million within this age bracket, whereas the number of Facebook users is 4.5 million. Even though Instagram is viewed as a platform for the younger generation, it still lags behind – with a forecast of 4.2 million.

If 18-24 year olds are your target audience then Snapchat is the perfect platform. Find out how you can reach them through Snapchat advertising.

WordPress 5.0

If you’ve read our latest blog, you’ll know that a new WordPress update is on its way. The new Gutenberg editor is the next major release for WordPress, which will be the long awaited 5.0 update. It may take some time to familiarise yourself with all of the new changes, but updating is always advised.

Our team are experts with WordPress so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re struggling to get to grips with the new update.

The world’s first holographic display smartphone

Red Hydrogen One is set for release soon. If you haven’t heard already, this will be the first ever holographic display phone. This definitely isn’t your usual smartphone!  It’s described as one part of a range of cameras and specially created media that utilises a multi-dimensional display. Who knows what the future holds…

Instagram introduces blue tick verification

Users can now apply to have their account verified with a blue badge, similar to Twitter. This is a step to help improve authenticity, trust and to keep users safe. Not everyone will be eligible though – you must be a public figure, celebrity or brand and meet certain criteria set out by Instagram. Get your business account verified today – the Independent can take you through the steps.

Check out our social ads page to find out more about how your business can advertise on Instagram. As we previously mentioned, 87% of shoppers start their search online, so Instagram is the perfect platform to capture this audience at their research stage.

Written by Natalie Williams

Client Partner Marketing Manager

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