Digital strategies, distilled in Nottingham

We recently celebrated one whole year of being established in Nottingham’s Lace Market – time flies! In true Clicky style, we wanted to mark this milestone with something a little bit special…

Since opening the doors to our second office, amplifying our brand presence and introducing the agency to local professionals has been a key focus. As a team, we’re always bouncing around ideas about how we can extend our reach and provide memorable insight into Clicky that’s innovative, creative and truly reflective of our values and expertise.

While enjoying a couple of gin and tonics on a Friday night, we came across Redsmith Distillery – conveniently and aptly located in the heart of Nottingham, just like us. We love a challenge and the idea of creating our very own bespoke Clicky gin really appealed. So that’s exactly what we did! Meet our little creation, Just the Tonic!


So, why gin?

Through crafting Just The Tonic, Clicky has well and truly joined the gin bandwagon; one of the biggest trends of the century. It’s bold, fresh and sophisticated (in an approachable kind of way) and can be tailored to an array of different preferences. The correlation towards Clicky and our approach to digital marketing was there right from the start!

How did we do it? 

Redsmith is currently the only distillery in Nottingham and the first of its kind in the city for 150 years. We immediately felt drawn to them due to their unique position, classic, yet contemporary gin recipe and innovative approach to creating bespoke distillery equipment.

Keen to not only raise our profile – but Redsmith Distillery’s too – we approached Wayne, Redsmith founder and gin maker, who was welcoming, warm and open to a new challenge.    

P1480323 (1)

introducing Jenny and Tiny Tess

Redsmith Distillery is home to two very important production stills; Jenny and Tiny Tess. Using his engineering skills and techniques, Wayne designed and “quite crudely” crafted most of the parts himself. We love their quirky nature and find them charming – it’s clear they both hold a special place in his heart.

Jenny is Redsmith’s number one pot still – she’s definitely one-of-a-kind and delivers every time, dispatching small batches of gin at a very slow rate. She is definitely worth the wait.

Tiny Tess is Redsmith’s development still; much smaller in size but just as beautifully crafted and extremely effective when producing smaller scaled gin products. There’s always something quite endearing about miniatures – we wanted to take her home!


Clicky’s Just The Tonic is truly unique, featuring a bespoke blend of botanicals which includes juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, orris root, orange peel, vanilla and bay laurel.

We were kindly allowed to visit on a number of occasions and were invited to get stuck in at various production stages.

P1480382 (1)

Learning about the distillery itself and the gin making process has been great – Wayne’s passion, enthusiasm and love for gin was evident from the moment we knocked on the door. (Although we doubt we’ll ever truly master the labelling technique!)

P1480558 (1)

We’ve loved seeing our ideas come to life throughout the creative process, from initial design to production and distribution. We’re so grateful to Wayne and the Redsmith Distillery for providing us with this opportunity. 

This little bottle gives a taste of Clicky’s strategic approach to digital; we’re passionate about challenging the norm and consistently balance our technical ability with creative flair and strive to go the extra mile for our clients. We’re pretty proud of the finished product and hope it resonates with those who have received it so far.

If you fancy a taste of our very own Just The Tonic, we have a few bottles left for local businesses in Nottingham – contact

If you are interested in learning more about Clicky or feel we could support you in any way, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

We’re #readytobeGIN 

Are you?

If you’re a true gin fanatic, there’s plenty of opportunities to indulge in Nottingham. Here’s a selection of our favourite gin experiences and destinations:

  • Enjoy a Classical Finish cocktail surrounded by the beautiful ‘Oriental Spring Garden’ at the Hockley Arts Club
  • Sip your way through the choice of 50 gins at the Sir John Borlase Warren, with gin tasting events held every first Monday of the month

Written by Olivia Lowden

Brand & Office Manager