Does being left handed make you more creative?

For all who are left handed, today is your day – International Left Handers Day. You constitute only a small proportion of the entire world’s population (only 10% to be precise), making you unique. It has been recorded that left handed individuals are more than likely to pursue creative careers, and since we value individuality and creativity greatly here at Clicky, we thought we’d put this hypothesis to the test.

You may be wondering what the link is between creativity and left handedness? Research tells us this is due to left handed individuals using the right hand side of their brain more frequently. The right side of the brain predominantly influences creativity, imagination, intuition, insight, music and art awareness.

We’ve done our homework and it turns out that Clicky is home to 10 fantastic left handed individuals whose positive and creative influence is recognised on a daily basis – that’s 20% of the entire company. Interestingly, our Clicky left handers pop up all across the agency, in SEO, PPC, Web, Design and our People and Culture team.

On average, it is more common for men to be left handed than it is for women – statistically twice as many men are reported to be left handed than women. This holds true at Clicky, with 6 left handers being male and only 4 female.

Beyond being linked to creativity, lefties are also noted for being strong at multitasking and succeeding more frequently in leadership roles. Once again this is mirrored within Clicky’s team structure, with half of those who are left-handed being managers, making up a third of all our leadership roles. Discover our amazing team here.

Of course, being a lefty does come with its challenges! We asked some of our team about the hurdles they commonly face:

  • The classic left handed nightmare of smudging your handwriting and being left with a grubby ink stained hand
  • Having to constantly have your paper tilted to one side as you write
  • The challenge of writing on whiteboard, due to accidentally wiping away your own words as you go
  • Being singled out in sports because you are a lefty – (in rounders everyone would shout lefty and move to the other side of the field)
  • Left handed scissors are useless!

A lot of the left handed individuals at Clicky admit to being able to interchange their dominant hand dependent upon the task – this is common for left handed people, with around 30% defining themselves as mixed-handed.

We’d love to hear your experience of being left handed – do you see any correlation with creativity or is it simply a myth?

Discover our fantastic team of left (and right!) handed digital experts and put our creativity to the test – get in touch today!

Written by Sascha Richards

Marketing and Research Assistant