DPR choose Clicky!

We are excited to share that DPR has selected Clicky to work on an exciting new project!

DPR is the market-leading, innovative provider of technology to the retail and commercial banking sector, providing core systems for more than 40 banks and building societies across the UK.

Established in 1996, and from modest beginnings, DPR have achieved notable growth, now offering a full cycle of origination and servicing capabilities. Today DPR deliver a suite of integrated modules that encompass all types of retail and commercial term lending and deposit-taking, spanning all distribution channels and delivery platforms, including online and mobile.

DPR appointed Clicky to help support with their ambitious ongoing growth plans. Together we’ll reposition the business online to ensure they become the brand of choice for customers and employees within the core banking technology sector that is recognised for its experience and expertise in consistently delivering open, agile, innovative, customer-centric solutions born from a culture where “everything is possible”.

DPR is truly redefining the core banking eco-system and are driving technological change in the sector. We are thrilled to support them in making a distinct, positive departure from the current digital presence to deliver an accurate perception of the thriving business. 

Marina Cheal, CMO at DPR commented:

We needed to get something done really, really quickly, and – being new to the organisation – I wanted to know that I was working with someone I’d worked with before, who I could trust and communicate with, and where I know what I’m going to get; quality.

We are really looking forward to working with the team to create a long-lasting relationship fuelled by our data-driven, strategic approach.


Written by Sam Gadsby


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