A Dummies Guide To ‘Target & Bid’ And ‘Bid Only’ | Google Adwords

Pop quiz, hotshot. What exactly is difference between the target and bid and bid only setting in a display campaign?
This is a question that can stump even the most seasoned of AdWords campaign managers. Hopefully this slightly simplistic example can help clear things up. Let’s say you have a Display campaign where we are using the keywords “shoe” and “shoes”, and also the placement news.sky.co.uk:

  • Bid Only will bid on pages with content roughly contextual to shoe, shoes, slippers, boots etc. AND will separately bid on the placement news.sky.co.uk
  • Target and Bid in this case would ONLY show on news.sky.co.uk if the content of the page was roughly around shoes.

Essentially, it means that if you have two targeting options, it’s whether you want the overlap between the two options or bid separately.

Target And Bid Or Bid Only For RLSA

For Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA), if you have two targeting options (i.e. you have Keywords and you have a Remarketing List) it’s whether you want the overlap between the two options or bid separately.
Bid Only (bid on both) will bid on all keywords in the campaign whether the person is on the RLSA list or not (you can add a bid adjustment for people on the list). Target and Bid will only bid if a user is on the RLSA list and is searching for one of the terms, which limits traffic immensely.
In diagram form, the red is what you are targeting:
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Written by Mark Bissoni

PPC Specialist